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Packing Tips
Most people requiring storage need it while they move house – somewhere secure and easily accessible to temporarily hold their belongings until they relocate to their new abode.

This guide will help you to package your belongings safely, securely, and efficiently – making moving day that little bit easier.

Start Early

Undoubtedly, packing will take longer than expected so always give the process plenty of time.
If you realise at the last moment that you need to dismantle that big wardrobe to get it downstairs, it's going to cause some delays.

Pack Heavy Items in Small Boxes

This makes movement of heavier items easier and avoids the risk of incurring back injuries whilst lifting.
It's always a good idea to also mark the heavier boxes so any friends/family helping know what to expect when picking it up.

Pack One Room at a Time

Being systematic in this way ensures you don't leave anything behind.
It's also wise to mark each box to represent the room it came from. This way, when you get your boxes out of storage and into your new home, you know which box is for which room.

Pack Heavier Items on the Bottom

Just when you're packing your shopping bags - don't put the heavy stuff on top of the light/fragile stuff.
Pretty obvious, but important nonetheless.

Wrap Items Well

Wrap every item individually, and ensure you use plenty of bubble wrap to protect any breakables.
Certain household items can double-up as packing materials - pillows and blankets, for instance, can be used to protect fragile items.

Use Space Inside Items

Pots, pans, cups, and bowls can all house smaller items - utilise this space to its maximum potential and you will minimise the packing materials and storage space you will need.

Package any Liquids Separately

This is especially important with regards to coloured liquids (bottles of red wine, for instance), where one broken bottle can ruin several items.
Keeping these separate will ensure any leakages or breakages will have minimal damage to other items.

Dry Washing Machines and Dishwashers Thoroughly

Ensure all hoses are drained and even leave the door open on these items a few days prior to your move to ensure the interior dries properly and there are no leakages that occur.

Keep Valuables with you Throughout the Move

Place expensive jewellery, important papers, and safe deposit boxes in a small container that you can keep with you throughout the move.

Clean the Oven Thoroughly

If you are taking your oven with you, ensure you clean it properly before the move.
Grease left on the exterior will catch dust and dirt and leave marks on everything it touches.

For packing materials (boxes, tape, bags, etc.) we recommend:

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